Need Unified Communication & IP Contact Centre

Unified Communication & IP Contact Centre

Unified Communication and IP Contract Centre solutions are vital for business integration and customer delight.

Need for Unified Communication & IP Contact Centre

Ibne Sina offers Information and Communication Technology and Digital Transformation related Products & Services in domains including Cyber Security & Networks,Digital Systems,Smart Industrial Systems Cloud Computing, Project Management & Delivery Services, Software Development Services,Cloud Migration Services,Managed IT Services, Technical Support Services and Training Services.
Unified Communication systems provide an integrated communication setup for collaborative communication within the organization over multiple channels including voice, messaging and video. It promotes collaborative culture and feeling of belongingness among the employees.
IP Contact Centre (IPCC) is extended and advanced form of unified communication. The modern IP Contact Centre has transformed the conventional call center into a full-fledged customer experience and relationship management center over multi channels including voice call, instant messaging, and chatting and web access. IPCC is vital for customer retention and future growth.

Our Offering

We help in solution design and deployment of basic IP Telephony & Unified Communication and IP Contact Centers.